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Human Anatomy Atlas
Visualize school curriculum
Augmented Reality
Interaction of Human Organs With Various Body Systems. Animation

Mixed Teaching
Individual Tasks Generator
Displaying Images

Visual interaction of human organs with various body systems
Augmented reality with animated work of body organs
Broadcasting and transferring images from the screen
Images and video can be transferred with the help of standard functions in the Chromecast tablet or smartphone to the TV and the projector
Images and videos can be transferred with the help of standard functions in the AirPlay tablet or smartphone to the TV and projector
Offline app (including augmented reality), task generator and individual tasks scanning
Bonus! "Body structure" game for 4-7 y.o.children
Here we can study the internal organs structure
The child must pass an interactive game by showing the correct cards with internal organs.
Initial level - just select the cards, more complicated - cards are selected depending on the location of the organ in the human body.
The game contains musical pauses, during them you can see the skeleton dancing. One can take a picture with him.

Individual Tasks Generator
Activate the "Teacher" Mode
1. Compile the study guide (organs, systems, position, scale) from 3D models.
2. Generate QR code containing information.
3. Enter the text with the student's name and description.
4. A form with an individual task is in your Gallery.
5. Submit the assignment to WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc.

A student can scan an individual task with the help of a smartphone or tablet camera
Individual Tasks Generator Examples
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