Interactive app for education with augmented reality elements
Download the app for smartphone or tablet

Educational cards with elements that are recognised by the tablet

Put together electric circuits using cards with pictures of elements. Print out the cards in advance. Make them alive using mobile device and augmented reality technology

Cut them out
Carefully, do not cut the pictures. We recommend to glue the cards onto the cardboard with dimensions of 10x5 cm and 5x5 cm

Make the circuits alive
Cards are put in front of tablet's front camera

Examine current strength and voltage

Preset the current strength
Power source - main element of the circuit. Real batteries U =1,5 B; U = 3,0 B; U = 4,5 B; U = 6,0 B. Animated short circuit mode
To change the parameter of circuit element resistance, click on the element. Buttons for changing of resistance interval will appear
Resistance markings accord with EIA color code standard
Discover properties of magnets, current flow through different conductors. Realistic changing of filament depending on the voltage
Virtual digital multimeter allows to study the main law of electric engineering - Ohm's law. Explore electric circuits in static mode in AR. Put the circuits together in Constructor mode

Combined teaching

Virtual teacher allows to combine the best aspects and advantages of teaching in class with student's individual work at home.
Ideal for distance learning and visualization of school course that is approved by the Ministry of Education

Task constructor
  1. Enter the "Teacher" mode
    Make an original task or visualize a task from a book
  2. Generate a QR-code
  3. Enter the text with student's name and description
  4. A form with an individual task will be placed in your Gallery
  5. Send the task via WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Skype etc.

App does not require internet connection
Does not require registration.
Just print out the form with a task.
Student will use smartphone or tablet camera to recognise the individual task

Special mode allows to transmit the picture from the tablet display using AirPlay or Chromecast to the TV, interactive whiteboard or video projector. You can interface your device with online video services for distance learning. Show Ohm's law effects to your students in real time!

Picture broadcasting

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