Interactive program for developing a way of thinking of the future programmers with augmented reality elements
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This is the way to create a program by manipulating the graphic objects instead of writing the text.
Visual programming is the best way to develop the logical thinking of a child and teach the basic principles of creating programs. The child builds a sequence of commands and launches them with the help of augmented reality cards
Interesting, informative
The aim of the game is to bring one hero to another, bypassing the obstacle by showing the training cards to the tablet (character moves).
The program includes the levels that will teach a child the basic course of programming that is studied in the primary school (the methodology is specially developed by the Mother Family Club).
You can also program the levels by your own

Prepare the training cards that the tablet will recognize
Cut the cards out
Do it carefully, avoid touching the image. We recommend to stick the cards onto piece of a cardboard. Card sizes are 10x7 cm
Camera is ON
The tablet is on the stand.
The cards are brought to the front tablet camera
Camera is OFF
(Optional). Turn on the control mode on the tablet screen
A child creates a game and develops the basic principles of logics, and learns to solve problems
The tablet is on the stand. There are two characters on the playing field. The task is to set a sequence of commands that will allow one character to reach another by showing the cards to the tablet. After presing "START" the character moves forward. If there is any obstacle or condition on the way, the character performs the command written on the card
"Events and movements order"
The commands "Events and movements order" consist of cards: "Forward", "Back", "Up", "Down", "Jump". If a child makes a mistake and notices the error himself, he can undo the incorrect commands using the "DELETE" card.
"YES", "NO" condition
The condition commands are set with the help of the card "Condition Green Square".
Attention: after the green square card there always follows one of the cards "Events and movements order". As you can see in the example: the character must collect the maximum number of crystals along the way. To do this he hasto turn down.
This is realized by a combination of "CONDITION" and "DOWN" cards .
A cycleis a sequence of commands that can be executed more than once. In this case, the "Start Cycle" command is given by the up arrow, and "End the Cycle" and "Number of Times" commands are specified by the "Down Arrow" card, which indicates the number of times the task was executed. The cards "Events and movements order" which are called the body of the cycle are placed between them.
A function is a piece of code (a subprogram) that can be accessed from anywhere in the program. In the program, the command for starting the function is implemented with the "Open the Parenthesis" card, and the end of the function is the "Close parenthesis". The "Function Call" command is a card with two brackets.
Attention: in one game field there can be only one subprogram, and you can call it for an unlimited number of times.
Step by step. Moving from simple to complex

At higher levels, a limited amount of card use is included into the playing field. This encourages a child to think and apply commands of functions, cycles, and conditions.
At the end of the program, the child will receive a certificate that confirms the completion of the online course "Basic programming. Initial level".
Tools for Mixed Teaching
The application "Programming for children with AR" makes it easy to create individual tasks for both teaching in the classroom and for self-studying..
This is perfectl for distance learning and visualization of the basic principles of programming in preschool and primary school.
Lesson Designer
Absolute freedom of creativity
You can easily turn any educational material into a learning game - whether it is an example from a school textbook or the lesson you designed yourself. Children are happy to perform the task, at the end of which their own game comes to life
Сompletion time
The possibility to set the completion time of each task from 0 to 999 seconds
Augmented Reality
You have 10 characters and 10 colored playing field. Cards that the tablet will recognize can be printed for an unlimited number of times
Create lessons, share them with your students
Press only one button - and generate a QR code.The lesson program will instantly be recorded there. A form with an individual task will be kept in your picture gallery. Send the assignment to WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc.
Advanced Task
Each task contains 3 levels. The field of the two consists of 150 cells. The large field has 506 cells
Work offline
The app can work offline. The lessons are downloaded through the built-in QR-code reader

Programming for Children
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