A program for visualizing training material with the help of the augmented reality
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Interactive map of the world with printable contour maps.
Using augmented reality when studying geography:
- Solar system
- Seasons
- Wonders of the World
- Flags, countries of the world

Interactive EARTH GLOBE
It contains 240 countries, 4112 regions, 7144 settlements.
Study the surface of our planet, night and day sequence, the movement of the sun, the atmosphere of the Earth.
Search for cities and countries.
The app supports 8 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Polish.

Natural areas of the WORLD
3D models of animals, birds, fish.
Climatic regions.
Polar deserts, tundra, forest-tundra, taiga, mixed forests, greenwood, forest-steppes, deserts, semi-deserts, hardwood forests, savannah, deserts, semi-deserts, rainforests

Physical map of the WORLD
Land area 1 494 000 000 km2
The highest altitude above the sea level:
Mount Chomolungma (Everest), 8850m (Eurasia).
The longest river is the Nile (with Kagera) 6671 km.
The largest lake: the Caspian Sea 376 000 km2 (Eurasia).

Climatic REGIONS
Equatorial belt
Subequatorial belt
Tropical belt
Subtropical belt
Stagnation belt
Subtropical and Subantarctic belt
Arctic and Antarctic belts

Climatic MAP
The average amount of precipitation.
Atmosphere Circulation.
Belts and areas of high air pressure, anticyclones.
Belts and areas of high air pressure, cyclones.
Tropical cyclones.
Air temperature.
Political MAP
Territories and state boundaries.
Political map of Europe.
Political map of America.
Political map of Asia.
Political map of Africa.
Political map of Australia and Oceania.

Geographical Discoveries of the early Middle Ages
Routes of travel of the Ancient era and the early Middle Ages.
Discoveries during the conquest expeditions in the New World.
Bartolomeu Dias de Novaes.
Christopher Columbus.
Giovanni Caboto.
Vasco da Gama.
Ferdinand Magellan.
Francis Drake.
Abel Janszoon Tasman
and others.

Tectonic map of the WORLD
Tectonic regions of the continents.
Tectonic regions of the seabed and ocean floors.
Earthquake Zones.
Tectonic Plates Boundaries
The main stages of the formation of the Earth's relief.

Soils of the WORLD
Soils of Arctic and subarctic belts.
Soils of stagnation zones.
Soils of subtropical belts
Soils of tropical subequatorial and equatorial belts.
Intrazonal soils.
Soils of mountain territories.

The structure of the World ocean floor.
The average ocean waters temperature.
Basins of the river flows.
Depth scale.

Realistic models of the Solar System Planets.
Revolution of planets around the sun.
General audio description of each planet in 8 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Polish.
An opportunity to demonstrate on an interactive whiteboard, TV, projector etc.

Augmented reality that clearly demonstrates a change of seasons as a result of the revolution of the Earth around the sun.
The rotation of the Earth on its axis (day).
The orbital motion of the Earth (annual).
Different climatic conditions - consequences of the inclination of the Earth's axis
(different angle of sun rays incidence).

"WONDERS OF THE WORLD" stickers for the Earth Globe
Cut the cards out
Carefully, do not touch the image.
Relive the tablet
Glue the image on the globe.
Attention! If you do not know the right location of the wonders of the world on the Earth Globe, just point the tablet at the image and one of the wonders of the world will appear. Click on it and follow the prompts
Flags. Learning Countries of the World
Cut out
Do it carefully, do not touch the image.
Point your tablet or smartphone to the flag card. The country will appear on the interactive Earth Globe.
Tools for Mixed Teaching
The app makes it easy to create your own individual tasks for the self-work of a student with contour maps.
Task Designer Mode
1. Click the "Supervisor" button. The task generation service must be activated.
2. Select the contour map.
3. Select the region by zooming.
4. Write the text of the task.
5. Generate a form. A form with an individual task will be kept in your picture gallery. Send the assignment to WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc.

The individual task form with the Contour map contains the augmented reality QR code with the correct solution of the task.
The app works offline
Print out the individual tasks, the teacher can give them out them at the lesson. A student "brings them to life" and works with them. You do not need Internet connection, the app works offline

The app works offline
Duplicate the tablet screen
This special mode allows you to transfer an image from the screen using standard functions on the AirPlay or Chromecast tablet to a TV, interactive whiteboard, or projector. For a distance learning, there is an option to use online video services.

Image broadcasting

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