Interactive app for education with augmented reality elements
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Educational cards with digits that are recognised by a tablet
Cut them out
Carefully, do not cut the pictures
We recommend to glue the cards onto the cardboard with dimensions of 10x5 cm and 5x5 cm
Mode 1
Cards are put in front of tablet's front camera
Mode 2
Cards are put on the table, tablet's camera is pointed at them from above
Mode 1 - front camera
Tells you names of digits and equations in one of 8 languages. 16 tasks for every mode. Time for the task - max. 2 minutes
Learning digits
Tablet is placed on a stand. A number of objects is displayed on a screen. Child has to count them and pick the card with a right digit
Greater, less, equal
Tablet is placed on a stand. Pictures with a number of objects are displayed. Child has to pick the right card: greater, less or equal
Addition and subtraction
Tablet is placed on a stand. An equation is displayed. One of the right values is replaced with a question mark. Child has to show a card with a right number to finish the equation
Mode 2 - main camera
Tells you names of digits and equations in one of 8 languages
Binary numbers
Equations are given on the tablet's screen. Child has to get a right answer with a combination of cards and point the tablet's camera at them. We're teaching addition, subtraction, division, multiplication. Multiplication table.
Games: "Make the animal alive", interactive writing samples, memory trainer
Combined teaching
Virtual teacher allows to combine the best aspects and advantages of teaching in class with student's individual work at home.
Ideal for distance learning and visualization of school course that is approved by the Ministry of Education
Task constructor
  1. Enter the "Teacher" mode
  2. Make an original task or visualize a task from a book
  3. Generate a QR-code
  4. Enter the text with student's name and description
  5. A form with an individual task will be placed in your Gallery
  6. Send the task via WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Skype etc.

App does not require internet connection
Does not require registration.
Just print out the form with a task.
Student will use smartphone or tablet camera to recognise the individual task.

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